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Jasna Dimitrijević

Jasna Dimitrijević

Jasna Dimitrijević (1979, Negotin, SFRY) writes short prose and reviews. Some of these get published in regional magazines and anthologies. She has written the short-story collection Prepoznavanja (2015). Works in a bookshop.

Published by Partizanska knjiga: Fibonačijev niz.

Đura Đukanov

Đura Đukanov

Đura Đukanov (1956-2000) was a Serbian writer of short stories and dramas. As a native of Mokrin, he is one of the most significant representatives of the twentieth-century prose of Banat. Apart from Mokrin, he lived in Vršac and Novi Sad. He published the following books: Đavolska snevačina (1979), Domaći Sapun (1982), Slatkovodna Neman (1985), Luda pali sveće (1988), Voz Svetog Petra (1990), Dnevnik Vilijama Vilsona (1997) and Dvogled bez stakala (2000, posthumously).

Maurice Gee

Moris Dži

Maurice Gee has written more than thirty novels for adults and children and he’s also written for film and television. He has won a lot of awards in his homeland, New Zealand, and for his most famous novel Plumb he was awarded the James Tate Black Memorial Prize in the United Kingdom. He lives with his wife Margaret in the city of Nelson in the New Zealand South Island. He’s got two daughters and a son.

Published by Partizanska knjiga: Gubitnici.

Johan Harstad

Juhan Haštad
credits: John Erik Riley

Johan Harstad, born on 10 February 1979 in Stavanger, is a Norwegian novelist, short story writer, playwright and graphic designer who lives and works in Oslo. He made his literary debut in 2001 at the age of twenty-two with a collection of short prose entitled From Here On You Only Get Older (Herfra blir du bare eldre), and in 2002 he published a short story collection titled Ambulance. His first novel, Buzz Aldrin, What Happened to You in All the Confusion? (Buzz Aldrin, hvor ble det av deg i alt mylderet?), was published in Norway in 2005 and has been translated into more than ten languages. During the year of 2009 he was engaged as the first playwright in residence at the National Theatre of Norway in its history. He’s won numerous literary prizes and awards.

Published by Partizanska knjiga: Nadalje ćeš samo stariti, Hitna pomoć,

Nemanja Jovanović

Nemanja Jovanović

Nemanja Jovanović was born in Čačak in 1974.

He does illustrations and graphic design.

Among other things, he worked as a technical editor in the publishing house Veseli četvrtak. for four years.

His short stories have been published in Student, Yellow Cab, Severni bunker, Ulaznica.

Milka zbogom, vidimo se sutra is his first novel. Nemanja Jovanović has created the logo of Partizanska knjiga.

Published by Partizanska knjiga: Milka zbogom, vidimo se sutra, Rudi,

Barry Callaghan

Beri Kalahan
credits: Mark Tearle

Barry Callaghan, born in 1937, is a famous Canadian novelist, poet and short story writer. He’s included in all leading anthologies of Canadian literature. His works have been translated into numerous languages. He’s published selections of French, Serbian and Latvian poetry. During 1970s he was a war correspondent from the Middle East and Africa. In the middle of the same decade he founded the Exile magazine, which is still published. He’s won a number of awards. He works as a professor emeritus at the University of York in Toronto.

Published by Partizanska knjiga: Svi ti usamljeni ljudi.