Partizanska knjiga is a co-operative, an association of free producers and craftspeople.

It is founded on the principles of partisan fighting tactics.

Partizanska knjiga’s fundamental maxim reads: To believe, to read, to fight.

We produce books and their future.



Srđan Srdić

Srđan Srdić Srđan Srdić was born in Kikinda in 1977. He graduated from the Department of World Literature and Theory of Literature of the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, where he also defended his doctoral thesis The Relationship between Fiction and Reality in Jonathan Swift’s Prose. He works at Dušan Vasiljev high school and as a coordinator of the North Banat District Centre for Talents which bears the same name. He voluntarily edits part of the literary programme for the Public Library Jovan Popović in Kikinda, where he also founded a creative reading workshop. For a few years he was editor-in- chief of the international short-story festival Kikinda Short. Together with Vladimir Arsenić he leads a creative writing workshop in Belgrade. He’s worked as an editor for various literary magazines, and he’s been actively involved in the editorial job in the last few years, dealing primarily with the regional and English-language prose. Srdić has never been a member of any literary association, but he’s a member of a number of libraries.

Vladimir Arsenić

Vladimir Arsenić Vladimir Arsenić was born in Belgrade in 1972. He holds a master’s degree in comparative literature from the University of Tel Aviv. He’s a regular critic for the Internet portals E-novine and His texts have also been published in Think tank, Beton, Quorum, Peščanik. He was a mentor on the project Criticize this! Together with Srđan Srdić he leads the creative writing workshop Hila in Belgrade. He’s a regular associate of the literary encounters Cum grano salis in Tuzla. He translates from English and Hebrew. He edits the literary magazine Ulaznica with his friends in Zrenjanin. He is a Tottenham Hotspur FC fan.

Dunja Ilić

Dunja Ilić Dunja Ilić was born in Kikinda in 1995. She graduated General Literature and Literary Theory in Belgrade. She is a regular critic at She is currently studying for an M. A. degree in Critical and Cultural Theory at Charles University in Prague.

Ivan Radosavljević

Ivan Radosavljević Ivan Radosavljević was born in Jagodina in 1969. He is an editor, literary critic and translator. He graduated from the Department of World Literature of the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade in 1993. He was a member of the editorial board of the literary magazine Reč (1994-1999), an editor in the publishing house Stubovi kulture (1999-2013), and since 2013 he’s been an editor in the publishing house Književna radionica Rašić (in English: Rasic Literary Workshop)



Nataša Srdić

Nataša Srdić Nataša Srdić (née Miljković) was born in Smederevo in 1984. She graduated from the Department of English Language and Literature of the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, where she also defended her doctoral thesis Scientific and Artistic Truth in John Banville’s Fiction. She works as a literary translator from English into Serbian and vice versa. So far, she has translated 9 books from English into Serbian and 6 books from Serbian into English. She is one of the participants in the literary residency programme Ulysses’ Shelter for the year 2020. In addition to being a translator, she works as a teacher of English.

Biljana Isailović

Biljana Isailović Biljana Isailović is a Hispanist by training. She’s translated numerous works by Spanish authors: Ortega y Gasset, Unamuno, Baroja, Bécquer, Azorín, Borges, Blasco Ibáñez, Marsé, etc. She’s also translated the Spanish chivalric romance Amadis of Gaul, which has been declared to be the best European chivalric romance by a hundred Mediaevalists at a congress in Salamanca. It was this work that directly influenced the creation of Don Quixote by Cervantes, with the intention of denying the model, to turn it inside out like a glove, still admitting its superiority, which makes it a roman à clef necessary for a complete understanding of Don Quixote. She’s received the most prestigious awards: Miloš N. Đurić in 2001 for the translation of Manuel de Falla’s work On Music and Musicians and Radoje Tatić for the novel Doña Perfecta by Benito Pérez Galdós, declared to be the best translation from Spanish and Portuguese in 2006 and 2007. She’s also translated stories by Serbian writers into Spanish, which have been published in the magazine Sibila, whose member of the editorial board is Mario Vargas Llosa. She did research on Spanish university publishing as a scholarship holder from the Spanish government in 2001; apart from literature she translates films, being an associate of the Yugoslav Film Archive. For her constant co-operation in the promotion of the Spanish language and Hispanic culture she was awarded a Diploma of Gratitude by the Cervantes Institute in 2014. A freelance artist, she lives, enjoys herself, translates and paints in Belgrade.

Tamara Filipović

Tamara Filipović Tamara Filipović was born in Šabac in 1994. She completed Scandinavian studies at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade. She reads, writes and translates, mostly from Norwegian.

Ana Pejović

Ana Pejović Ana Pejović (b. 1980 in Prijepolje, Srbija, then SFR Yugoslavia), She graduated from the Department of English Language and Literature of the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade. From 2002 to 2008 she worked at the Rende publishing house as a proofreader, editorial assistant and editor. From 2009 to 2001 she worked at the Belgrade subsidiary of the croatian VBZ publishing house as an editoral assistant and editor. In nine years of work in publishing, she's edited over two hundred books, mostly local and european contemporary titles, and has spent two years (2011-2013) as co-editor at the Reflektor audio-book publishing house. She translated several books from english, including The British Museum Is Falling Down by David Lodge, and Imagine Me Gone by Adam Haslett. In 2009, along with Vladimir Arsenijević she founded the Krokodil literary association, where she works as a project manager and main coordinator.

Zorana Rackov

Zorana Rackov Zorana Rackov was born in Kikinda in 1980. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in French language and literature. She translated the short story collection 25 cents et autres histoires à la pièce by Marie-Chantale Gariépy, the novel Rengaine by Julien Maret and the novel Poids lourd by Pascal Rebetez. She has been granted a residential stay by the Ledig-Rowohlt, Château de Lavigny Foundation for her new translation project Hériter du silence by Mathias Howald.

Milan Pupezin

Milan Pupezin Milan Pupezin was born in Kikinda in 1990. Having graduated from the University of Novi Sad with an MA in English Studies, he has been working as a translator, linguist and English and Serbian teacher. He has published several papers in theoretical linguistics. Milan is both master and servant to three languages: English, Polish and Serbian whereinto he has translated such authors as Dejan Ajdačić, Bill Direen, Mileta Prodanović and Srđan Srdić. He currently works and resides in Poland.

Jelena Dedeić

Jelena Dedeić Jelena Dedeić holds a Bachelor of Arts in Serbian language and literature with general linguistics from the Faculty of Philology. Since 2002, she has been working as a translator and editor. She translates from Slovene into Serbian, spanning subjects as diverse as law and pedagogy. Among her publications as a literary translator are the short-story collection Razvezani by Ana Schnabl and Evald Flisar’s novel, Čarovnikov vajenec. In addition, Dedeić also works on her own short stories. She lives and works in Belgrade.

Mina Radulović

Mina Radulović Mina Radulović (Novi Sad, Serbia, 1971) is a literary translator and interpreter from Greek, Serbian and English, who has worked as a translator for the Committee of the Regions of the EE and as a project manager in the field of EU's Town Twinning Programs, as well as of the National Book Centre of Greece (Promotion of Greek Letters Abroad, participation in book fairs and festivals) and of the European Translation Centre – Literature and Human Sciences, Athens, Greece (involved as a translation teacher, editor of APILIOTIS e-zine, responsible for the coordination of the annual Literary Translation Awards & Conference, for the annual program of the Literary Residences situated on islands Paros and Crete). M.R. also worked for the Hellenic American University, at the International Students and Programs dept. and for the American European Alliance for Education DOO Novi Sad, as well as for the Hellenic Foundation for Culture in Athens and Belgrade, in the field of the cultural programs of the Belgrade and Thessaloniki book fairs (when Greece was the country guest of honour at the 2009 Belgrade fair and Serbia at the 2012 Thessaloniki book fair). The published works translated into Serbian by M.R. include modern Greek writers like Kazancakis, Elitis, Seferis, Sikelianos, Venezis, Nolas, Varufakis, Sotakis etc. From Serbian/Croatian into Greek - Pavić, Kiš, Gatalica, Pekić, Šnajder, Srsen, Krleža, Velikić, Srbljanović etc, and many adaptations and scenarios by Nikita Milivojević and Nebojša Bradić, while from English into Greek and Serbian she signs translations of the works of John Keats, Macdara Woods, Yanis Varoufakis etc.

Dalibor Plečić

Dalibor Plečić Dalibor Plečić is a writer, literary critic, translator and professor of literature. He has attended several writing residency programs abroad, including Artist in Residence, Q21 in Vienna. He has translated prose, poetry, and plays from Bulgarian, Macedonian and English. He has written a novel (Bunike), a collection of short stories (Zaporožac), as well as published poems in regional magazines. He regularly writes literary reviews for the Booksa portal from Zagreb, The Literary Review magazine from New Jersey and Beton from Belgrade. He is the editor of the culture magazine Zenit from Strumica.

Mila Gavrilović

Mila Gavrilović Mila Gavrilović (1980) graduated from the Department of Polish Studies at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. She translates prose, poetry, non-fiction and drama from Polish and English into Serbian. She received the Miloš N. Đurić award for best translation in the field of poetry in 2019. In addition to literature, she is an active professional translator and interpreter. She is a member of the Association of Literary Translators of Serbia and the Rozstaje translation hub.

Marko Čudić

Marko Čudić Marko Čudic was born in 1978 in Senta, in a bilingual, Serbo-Hungarian family. He finished elementary school and high school in his hometown. He graduated from the Department of Hungarian Studies at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade in 2001. He received his master's degree from the same faculty in 2005. In 2011, he received his doctorate with the thesis The Novel of Voyage in Hungarian Literature of the 20th Century. Since 2003, he has been employed at the Department of Hungarian Studies at the Faculty of Philology, and is currently an associate professor. His main areas of interest are Serbo-Hungarian literary and cultural ties and the theory and practice of literary translation. He is the author of four scientific monographs and about fifty scientific papers, and he has also translated thirteen books from Hungarian into Serbian so far. For the translation of the book Megy a világ (Ide svet/The World Goes On) by László Krasznahorkai, he received the Miloš N. Đurić award for the best translation of prose in 2019. He lives and works in Belgrade.


Zlatica Đokić Katanić

Zlatica Đokić Katanić Zlatica Đokić Katanić was born in Bajina Bašta in 1978. She graduated from the Department of Serbian Literature and Language of the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade. Apart from proofreading, she is into copyrights, marketing and PR.

Dragana Bajić

Dragana Bajić Dragana Bajić is a graduated political scientist for international affairs and she is about to obtain a master’s degree in European integration rights. She works at the Centre for European Politics as a young researcher in the region of good governance. She’s got years-long proofreading experience co-operating with domestic and foreign authors, whose works include Sagorevanja and Zapisi iz čitanja by Srđan Srdić, Atlas of the Inner Antipodes by David Brooks, Stories for EasyJet Generation by Rodge Glass, Losers and Other Stories by Maurice Gee. Besides this, she’s done proofreading of scientific and professional texts, articles, brochures and other publications. She speaks English fluently and she strives to improve her knowledge of German and Spanish. She’s been an associate of Partizanska knjiga since foundation.

Dragana Sabovljev

Dragana Sabovljev Dragana Sabovljev was born in Zrenjanin in 1971. She graduated from the Department of World Literature and Theory of Literature of the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade. She completed post-graduate studies at the same faculty, the Department of Librarianship and Information Studies. She defended her doctoral thesis in 2014. Since 1996 she’s worked at the City Public Library Žarko Zrenjanin in Zrenjanin as a senior librarian at the Scientific and Local History Department and as a proofreader in the Library’s publishing field. She does professional editing and proofreading and she edits the column Libraries in Čitalište: a scientific magazine for theory and practice of librarianship (Pančevo: The City Library; Novi Sad: The Faculty of Philosophy). She is into bibliography, citing styles, techniques of scientific research papers, information and media literacy.


Tamara Simić

Tamara Simić Tamara Simić was born in Kikinda in 1996. She is a student of animation in engineering at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad.

She does illustrations and design.

Sonja Janković

Sonja Janković

Sonja Janković was born in Kikinda in 1989. She completed her graduate and post-graduate studies at the Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade, module Landscape Architecture and Horticulture. She does photography and design.

In Partizanska knjiga she’s in charge of book cover and web-site design.